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SPH SharePoint Site

The School of Public Health uses SharePoint for internal documentation and as a resource for team collaborations. You will find all our documentation on policies, guidelines, strategic planning, committees, department administration and internal how-to’s on SharePoint. Please remember, Protected Health Information (PHI), FERPA and other protected data (i.e. Social Security Numbers) are not permitted on the SharePoint server.

  • You can access the SPH SharePoint site both on and off campus. The site is located here: https://wvuhsc.sharepoint.com/sites/SPH/
  • To login, enter your email address in the username field, i.e. username@hsc.wvu.edu, username@mix.wvu.edu or username@mail.wvu.edu.
  • If you have trouble accessing the SPH SharePoint site or one of our subsites, please contact SPH IT Support at sphit@hsc.wvu.edu.


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