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College Binge Drinking

College2Binge drinking is defined as the consumption of four (4) or more drinks for women, five (5) or more drinks for men in a two hour setting. This is the approximate amount of alcohol needed to raise the average sized person's blood alcohol concentration to about 0.10% (the amount of alcohol consumption that would raise the presumption of intoxication.

Studies that have been conducted in the past ten years indicate that the highest proportion of drinkers, binge drinkers, and individuals with multiple substance dependencies tend to be within the age range that encompasses nearly 92% of all enrolled college students. Heavy and binge drinking among college students has been consistently associated with higher incidences of physical injury, unplanned sexual activity, sexual and physical assaults, alcohol related driving injuries and fatalities, date rape, criminal mischief, property damage and trouble with campus and local police.

Last year a total of 30 college students died from drinking too much. Alcohol poisoning can disable your brain so that you stop breathing or it can even cause you to suffocate on your own vomit. Drinking too much could also cause a person to do something stupid like sleep with someone who has herpes or AIDS, or get behind the wheel of a car and kill somebody.

When young people go off to college it is often under the false thinking that "everybody" is drinking and binging. Due to this false misperception, many college students drink and binge in order to conform. Too many college students abuse alcohol, and if we are to further reduce alcohol abuse and the problems it causes, we have to publicize the actual facts and correct the damaging misperceptions. This will in turn empower students to do what they, as individuals, want to do: drink less or avoid alcohol.

Effects of Binge Drinking

  • Hangover
  • Drinking and driving
  • Doing something you might regret
  • Argument with friend or significant other
  • Unplanned/unprotected sex
  • Ride with someone who is also binge drinking
  • Missed school
  • Injuries
  • Arrested
  • Alcohol poisoning
  • Making a fool of yourself


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