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Lesson 13

Title: Let's Change the Scene

Grade: 3rd through 5th
Time: One 45 minute class period

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will be able to identify the harmful effects of alcohol use on the body.
  • Students will identify and explore advertising messages for alcohol.
  • Students will identify social, emotional and physical reasons why people choose to use alcohol (e.g. parties, stress and weight loss)


Children of Alcoholics Foundation

KidsHealth for Kids

Awesome Library

  • Ask each child to bring in one or two alcohol ads from magazines.
  • Display these ads in the front of the room.
  • Examine each of the ads with the class and ask questions that relate to whether these ads portray truth or do they send a false message to the viewer.
  • Some examples of these questions would be...

    "Does drinking alcohol like this woman is make a person thin and beautiful?"

    "The man with the alcoholic beverage seems to be the life of the party. Is it to believed then that consuming alcohol will make you popular with your friends?"

    "The man and woman who are having a drink together look so fit and healthy. I guess drinking that alcoholic beverage will benefit my body, right?

  • After you have discussed the ads and asked other thought provoking questions, provide students with factual data relative to alcohol use and the risks involved. Have students use the following websites...
  • Complete discussion by asking students why they believe we are misinformed by the media. Discuss how the media's messages influence us and the decisions we make.
  • Have students take alcohol magazine ads that they brought in back to their seats. Explain to them that you would like them to take these pictures and change them so a true message appears to the viewer. They should use scissors, glue, markers and other art related material to complete a picture that reveals a message that is factual. Be sure to tell students that they can clip and exchange portions of their ads to share with classmates.


  • Magazine alcohol ads
  • access to computers
  • art related materials (scissors, glue, paper, markers and so on).


The following day the students will present their newly formed ads to the class. They should explain how they changed the original ad they had and why they changed it. You should gear students to use internet material in their reasoning.