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Lesson 3

Title: Alcohol In The Body:  Not A Winning Combination

Grade: 10th grade
Time: 50 minute class

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will identify risk factors that result from using alcohol.
  2. Students will list three methods of avoiding alcohol.
  3. Students will recognize peers and family members that need help and assist them through programs and support.


  1. Students will look up the following terms during the first 10 minutes of class: peer pressure, alcoholism, avoidance, Alcoholics Anonymous, Alateen, Al-Anon, BAC.
  2. During this time the instructor will pass pictures of automobiles that have been involved in a accident that involved teens and alcohol.
  3. The effects on the body's ability to function per drink will be discussed and reviewed by one drink at a time. (follow the chart) Have students analyze this decrease of control an average individual has from using alcohol, and compare it to doing routine activities like driving a car and walking. To insure involvement from all students use a question/answer setting to allow students to share their ideas.
  4. Next ask for 6 volunteers from the class. Give half of the students cards that have peer pressure phrases and comments that may influence another to drink. Do not tell the others what is happening, but make sure the first group knows there role is to be convincing. Set back and see what happens, it may surprise you.....
  5. Now students can see how hard it may be to turn down alcohol so give them several ideas on how to avoid or refuse alcohol. Once you have given several examples, and received input from the class redo the peer pressure activity. Students should now see how alcohol can be refused without feeling inadequate or alone.


Quickly mention a few long term effects alcohol has on the body and let them know that this is also a risk factor alcohol has. This should be a lead up to the next lesson.


  • Cards
  • an alcohol effect chart
  • pictures from alcohol related accidents


You may be able to give some estimate of the effectiveness of the lesson by participation and the last peer pressure activity. However, this activity and instruction should be ongoing throughout the students' high school careers.