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Lesson 4

Title: Review on Alcohol Unit

Grade: Sixth Grade
Time: 60 minute class period

Learning Outcomes:

  1. The student will listen as the teacher reads the study guide.
  2. The student will participate in a game using vocabulary words and facts about alcohol.
  3. The student will be able to answer 75% of the questions correctly by the end of the class period.

Content / Methods:

  1. Pass out the Study Guides.
  2. Read the Study Guides to the class and discuss the material.
  3. Divide the class into three teams. The players on each team take turns trying to answer the questions. Each correct answer gets one point, the team with the most points win.
  4. Show each card and read the question to them.
  5. Give a short written quiz. Have the students take out a piece of paper and ask them the questions from the Alcohol Bee game.


  • Study Guides
  • Game
  • Quiz



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