Connor Levy

MPH in Biostatistics, 2017
Connor Levy

Public health means ensuring everyone has the chance to live healthily.

What is your hometown?

Washington, PA.

What is your undergraduate degree major, minor and location?

I received my undergraduate degree in Chemistry with minors in both German and Biology from WVU.  

Biographical Statement

I received a Bachelor of Art in Chemistry with Honors from WVU with minors in both Biology and German. I have always been active in the University; I was a Resident Assistant for the Honors Dorm for three years and in 2017 I served as President of the West Virginia Public Health Association Student Affiliate and Treasurer of the WVU Student Association of Public Health. In addition, I represented the School of Public Health as a Dean’s Ambassador. I also worked with the West Virginia Clinical & Translational Science Institute as a student consultant and supervised three labs for General Chemistry on the downtown campus. My personal research interest in mainly neurology, having logged over 500 hours of undergraduate research in Huntington’s Disease protein aggregation.

Why did you choose WVU?

I was actually set on going to Pitt when I was in high school, since I lived so close to Pittsburgh. However, when I visited the WVU campus, I just fell in love with the location; it’s truly a beautiful place to go to school.

What does public health mean to you?

To me, public health means ensuring everyone has the chance to live healthily. There are so many different populations that do not receive the same health opportunities and support and it is important to work to reach a level of equality for everyone’s health. We all deserve the ability the live healthily.

What did the Student Association of Public Health mean to you?

SAPH is so great! I hope all Public Health students will consider joining. SAPH provides so many opportunities for students, from leadership roles to community outreach and service. If students have any interest in getting involved with the School, joining SAPH is definitely a great opportunity to do so.