Culminating Experience

Applied Biostatistics Capstone

The Applied Biostatistics Capstone (BIOS 605) allows students to utilize the knowledge gained in their coursework to analyze real data of their own in a comprehensive manner.  Students will work on a dedicated data analysis stemming from their own research or the work of others, culminating in a final research paper.  Although there are no formal class meetings, students will complete the equivalent of 30 contact hours plus assignments by the end of the semester.  A formal report or manuscript, depending on the situation of the student, will be required at the end of the semester.

Many students will have a real data analysis in mind before or during their time in the program.  This data analysis and report, synthesizing what they have learned during the program, will suffice for the Capstone.  For those students with no access to a data source that could be used in this context, the Biostatistics faculty will work with the student to identify an appropriate Capstone.