MPH in Biostatistics

For a copy of the MPH curriculum, please see the course catalog.

The MPH degree in Biostatistics is meant for individuals with a general interest in public health, who lack formal training in biostatistics and would like to gain skills needed to understand and apply standard statistical techniques. The purpose of the degree program is to:

  • Introduce key principles of probability and statistical inference,
  • Teach standard techniques of database management and analysis, and
  • Provide guidance regarding critical appraisal of research from a statistical perspective

The entire curriculum will be available both online and/or in-person (live), thus being accessible to individuals from a variety of backgrounds, locations, and experiences.  The program builds on the existing Applied Biostatistics Certificate, allowing for added coursework for those individuals interested in obtaining a more intensive examination of common biostatistical techniques as well as a comprehensive training in the core disciplines of public health.