Ways to Give

Gifts Today

Cash, check or credit card

The majority of our philanthropic support comes from cash, check and credit card donations. Since the WVU Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, your gift is tax deductible under the Internal Revenue Code.

To send your gift to us, our mailing address is:

WVU School of Public Health
Attn: Office of Development
PO Box 9190
Morgantown, WV 26505-9190

You can also make a gift online.

For questions about your gift, please call the Development Office at 304.293.1828 or email Karen E. Galentine at kegalentine@hsc.wvu.edu.

Recurring Gifts – the gift that continues to give

It can be convenient to set up a repeat gift, e.g. monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, with a direct transfer from your account. When making an online gift, select "recurring gift".

IRA Charitable Rollover

Donors age 70 ½ are eligible to make gifts of up to $100,000 per year directly from their IRAs to a qualified charity. The amounts qualify as part of your required minimum distribution (RMD). While you will not receive an income tax deduction, you will not have to report it as income either. 

These are outright gifts and may not fund a charitable gift annuity or remainder trust, per the PATH Act of 2015.

Donor Advised Funds

By making a recommendation to the holder of your donor advised fund (DAF), you are enhancing the programs of the School. Consider adding the School of Public Health to your list of recommended beneficiaries.

Stocks or Securities

Giving appreciated securities can have added tax advantages over cash contributions because you can avoid any capital gains taxes on the increase in value over your acquisition cost. Contact us for wire transfer instructions. Additionally, it helps to ensure you receive proper credit for your gift when you let us know the name of the security and number of shares. While you might think that your name would be attached to the shares during the transfer process, it is not, unfortunately.

To give securities that have deceased in value, contact your broker. There are tax advantages for you to sell them and send the proceeds to us.
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Gift Annuity and other Gifts that Pay an Income

Would you like to receive an income from your gift? These gifts can provide an income for you (and a designated beneficiary) throughout your lifetime, support an area of the School important to you, in addition to having tax advantages. The income you receive is based on a number of factors, so please contact us for specific information personalized to your situation. Cash, securities and, potentially, real estate, can be used to fund a lifetime income gift.

Matching Gifts

Your employer may have a program that matches the gifts of employees and Board members to qualified charitable organizations. 
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Payroll Deduction

WVU employees who wish to make a gift can do so through payroll deduction. Get started by completing the payroll deduction form (live link)

Gifts Tomorrow


Giving through your estate or will offers you full access to your funds until you no longer need them. Then, we’d be glad to fulfill your legacy at WVU by supporting the School or project that is important to you.

Pension Plan or Retirement Plan

By naming the School as a beneficiary of a percentage, set dollar amount or your entire retirement plan, such as an IRA, you can continue your legacy here at WVU. In addition, there may be tax advantages to your heirs or your estate by funding your gift to us through your retirement plan assets.

To give through your retirement plan, the WVU Foundation must be listed as a beneficiary on the plan documents; not in your will or estate plan.

Life Insurance

Your gift of a new or existing insurance policy (all or a portion) may enable you to make a larger gift than you thought possible. Additionally, making us the contingent beneficiary allows us to benefit if your primary beneficiary cannot. The WVU Foundation must be named as a beneficiary on the policy; it cannot be accomplished through your will or estate plan.

More Information on Planned Giving Options

Gifts Today and Tomorrow

Real Estate

Gifts of real estate that you no longer need, such as a vacation home, primary residence, and undeveloped property and commercial property, can benefit the donor and us, plus have tax advantages that come with donating appreciated property. You may no longer need to maintain the property or pay real estate taxes and the asset will be put to good use by WVU.

Contact us to discuss the options.

Charitable Trusts

These gifts pay you an income, may come with tax advantages and may protect your assets while enabling you to support an area of the School that is a priority for you. There are a variety of charitable trusts and they require personalization to you, your beneficiaries and to the assets you use to fund them. Please call us to discuss the options.

Personal Property

Sometimes donating your personal property, e.g. vehicles, antiques and collections/collectables, can benefit the School and you, as the donor. Contact us for more information.

Irvin Stewart Society Recognition

Those whose generosity extends to future gifts from their estate plans are recognized as members of the Irvin Stewart Society. Such generosity helps ensure the long term growth and financial stability of WVU.
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