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PhD in Public Health Sciences

The PhD Program in Public Health Sciences was established at WVU in 2006, and ICRC-affiliated faculty member Dr. Keith Zullig serves as Program Director.  We are proud to report that the first two graduates of this program both completed injury-focused doctoral dissertation projects.  All students in this PhD program enroll in a public health seminar, Current Research Issues, in their first semester of study.  During this course, faculty members have the opportunity to provide lectures on current research issues in their fields of study.  The course offers Center faculty affiliates a unique opportunity to provide doctoral students with early exposure to the projects and activities of the WVU ICRC.  Several ICRC-affiliated faculty members, including the Center Director Dr. Jeff Coben, are active participants in this course.

One of the unique aspects of the PhD program is the inclusion of multiple eight-week research rotations for course credit.  These rotations are intended to introduce the students to various members of the faculty and expose them to the conduct of research as well as begin or continue to build their publication record.  The seminar course can be utilized as a mechanism to match students with like interests to members of the faculty for these research rotations.  During research rotations, doctoral students work one-on-one with a Center faculty member on a small research project.  These research rotations have proven to be very productive, often leading to publications written by the students and their faculty advisors.