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Herb Linn


 Deputy Director

Assistant Director for Outreach, WVU ICRC

Mr. Linn was formerly the Associate Director for Communications, and prior to that, Chief of Information Management and Dissemination, for the Division of Safety Research of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in Morgantown.  Upon retiring from NIOSH, he worked as an occupational safety and communications consultant in support of NIOSH research offices and laboratories in Morgantown, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati, working on projects related to safety in the construction and wholesale/retail trade industries. Mr. Linn has nearly 30 years of experience in health and safety communications and research; writing/editing; document development and production; Web development; and information technology management. As ICRC Communications/Outreach Coordinator, Mr. Linn is responsible for providing leadership in the translation of  new research knowledge developed within the ICRC to a broad array of local, state, regional, and national constituents, including injury prevention practitioners, policy makers, media representatives, and the general public. He is also responsible for developing and maintaining collaborations and partnerships with government and nongovernment organizations with injury prevention interests and missions to facilitate the knowledge translation efforts; and for collaborating and assisting in virtually all other aspects of Center communications, including public affairs (with the WVU press office), strategic dissemination planning, technical assistance, information management, and information production for print and Web.

Email: hlinn2@hsc.wvu.edu