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Injury risk and prevention awarness

The ICRC publishes over 50 peer-reviewed articles per year.  While scholarly articles are important for reaching the academic community, the information contained within does not always reach or influence practitioners and policymakers. Also, the findings communicated in these articles may often be difficult for non-academicians to interpret and use.  To address this challenge, ICRC will increase efforts to ensure that injury risk and prevention research findings are identified, organized, disseminated, and communicated through a variety of newsletters, seminars and Webinars, press releases and reports, lay-oriented articles and summaries, and social media posts and tweets.  The principal mechanism for distributing these messages will be electronic dissemination (e-dissemination) via email listservs and the WVU ICRC Website.

 Here are some of the information products that are used to convey injury risk and prevention research articles, findings, technical reports, and policies to our subscribers, partners, and constituents:


The Injury Prevention, Research, Practice and Policy News (IP News)

The Injury Prevention Research, Practice and Policy News is a weekly compilation of just published research articles, policy reports, technical reports, general interest articles, news reports, press releases, dissertations/theses, and other resources providing new information on injury prevention.  The IP News was first developed as a resource for affiliate faculty of the WVU ICRC.  The positive response received from faculty members prompted the outreach team to send the IP News out to a wider distribution list in April 2013.  Currently the IP News is distributed to nearly 700 subscribers including researchers, practitioners, advocates, government agency staff, and others with interest in injury prevention.

The Safety Net Newsletter

The Safety Net Newsletter reports on recent research, education and training developments, outreach activities, events, faculty and staff, and publications associated with the WVU ICRC.

Injury-related Seminars and Webinars


Press Releases



E-dissemination is a method of distributing knowledge, it is based primarily upon e-mail notices of the availability of new Web pages or PDF publications that can be readily accessed or downloaded via embedded links or web addresses provided in the e-mail notifications.  WVU ICRC is continually expanding and updating an existing e-dissemination database of injury research and practice professionals to serve as a tool to convey e-mail notifications of new and existing information and data resources. This is the current preferred means of communicating risk and prevention information.

Social Media Marketing

Internet-based social media channels are also being explored by the WVU ICRC as alternative dissemination channels, and may ultimately become primary channels. Please become a follower of WVU ICRC on Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube by clicking on the links below.












WVU ICRC Website



ICRC e-Dissemination List

Anyone wishing to be added to the WVU ICRC e-dissemination list can fill out the following form.  You have the option to receive all notifications, or indicate specific topics. If you already receive ICRC email notifications and would like to stop receiving them, you may opt out by sending an email to ICRC_Outreach@hsc.wvu.edu with a subject line "unsubscribe."


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