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Technical Assistance

The WVU ICRC, with affiliated faculty both at WVU and at other Institutions across the nation and internationally, represents a locus of scientific and technical expertise in public health injury prevention and control.  We use the term “technical assistance” (TA) here to describe a broad range of activities involving expert or specialized support not only in the design, implementation and evaluation of injury prevention interventions and programs, but also in related activities associated with the public health approach to injury prevention.  For example, a WVU ICRC partner might need a literature search/synthesis performed that identifies and describes an array of potential prevention program options for state or local application.  Or, a Center partner at the community level may need assistance in designing, implementing, and evaluating a health communication program or campaign that addresses a local prevention priority.  A partner may simply request advice as it develops a strategic plan and establishes program priorities.  In other cases, WVU ICRC faculty may mentor or train state or local practitioners in identifying relevant databases, collecting and analyzing injury data, searching and interpreting research literature, developing and conducting a survey, or developing, implementing and evaluating an intervention.

The WVU ICRC is particularly interested in becoming the trusted source of TA for partner organizations at the front lines of intervention, prevention program, and policy development, delivery, and evaluation in Appalachia. 

The WVU ICRC is continuing discussions with partner state VIPP Directors, the WVU ICRC staff will be seeking to determine agencies’ perceived TA needs.  Specific TA opportunities that are based upon Center expertise will be discussed, along with additional areas of need brought up by the state.  Specific needs of individual state/local programs, as well as general needs that appear to be shared by multiple agencies, will be cataloged and prioritized by WVU ICRC leadership, essentially to formulate an action plan that will guide an immediate response by WVU ICRC to the needs judged most pressing.