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WVU ICRC Partnerships

WVU ICRC Partnerships

WVU ICRC Partnerships are critical to the WVU ICRC's mission. In particular, partnerships between those who create knowledge (researchers) and those who use knowledge (practitioners and policymakers) can accelerate the adoption and implementation of effective, research-based prevention interventions and programs.  Additionally, through partnerships the WVU ICRC can help better support the injury prevention activities of other organizations.

Currently, the WVU ICRC works closely in partnership with the West Virginia Violence and Injury Prevention Program (WV VIPP) which is located in the Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR), within its Office of Maternal, Child, and Family Health.

Seven of the thirteen states within Appalachia are CDC-funded VIPP Core I states, including four of the five states contiguous to West Virginia (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, and Maryland), as well as New York, Tennessee, and North Carolina.  In addition to partnering with the WV VIPP, the WVU ICRC has previously collaborated with the Pennsylvania VIPP.  The WVU ICRC has initiated discussions with violence and injury prevention programs in the States of Maryland (which also houses the CDC-supported Regional Network Leader), Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee  The WVU ICRC will also actively seek to expand or establish partnerships with other state programs in the region, whether CDC-funded VIPP states or not.

The WVU ICRC is open to collaborations and partnerships with other organizations and agencies within the Appalachian region and beyond. The intent of the partnerships is ultimately to have a positive impact on the safety and well-being of people throughout West Virginia and the surrounding region by advancing injury prevention research and practice efforts, building capacity, and leveraging resources across the region.


Current WVU ICRC Partners include: