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CDC Regional Network Leader (RNL) for HHS Regions 3 & 5


CDC Regional Network Leader (RNL) for HHS Regions 3 & 5

Partnership Activities:

The WVU ICRC has participated in the CDC-funded RNL network (now the GLMA VIPER) of state programs within HHS Regions 3 & 5, which include states in the mid-Atlantic (DE, District of Columbia, MD, PA, VA, and WV), and Midwest (IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, and WI) regions. The Center director gave an overview presentation of the WVU-ICRC, and ICRC affiliates presented their research on fall prevention for older persons, and prescription opioid overdose data and prevention research during subsequent Webinars. The Center outreach director attended an in-person meeting of Region 3 & 5 state representatives in Chicago April 10-11, 2014. Largely as a result of those discussions, RNL state programs (with support from the ICRCs) are developing region- and state-specific policy resource guides to inform legislators, other policymakers, and the public on injury priorities. The WVU ICRC outreach director is co-leading an effort to plan, conduct and evaluate the communication/dissemination of these guides.


Public Health Impact of Partnerships:

The GLMA VIPER has had impact in several important areas: it has fostered collaboration between CDC-funded CORE states and non-funded states, it has facilitated ICRC-state and ICRC-ICRC collaborations, and it has developed a collaborative project aimed at producing region- and state-specific policy resource guides modeled on the excellent Maryland guide (Preventing Injuries in Maryland: A Resource for State Policy Makers) developed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy. The WVU ICRC role in this effort includes participating in the identification of region- and state-specific data, developing a state-specific resource guide for West Virginia, and co-leading a theory-based communication/dissemination effort. The latter effort is aimed at informing policymakers and the public through traditional and social media in order to raise awareness and inform policy agenda setting in the regions’ states.


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