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Nurse Family Partnership Intimate Partner Violence (NFP-IPV) Research Team


Nurse Family Partnership Intimate Partner Violence (NFP-IPV) Research Team


Partnership Activities: 

NFP is a maternal health program wherein nurses deliver support to first-time moms to ensure a healthy pregnancy, knowledgeable and responsible parents, and the best possible start in life for newborns. The NFP-IPV Team, which includes WVU ICRC director Jeffrey Coben, formed to develop and evaluate an intervention to reduce intimate partner violence (IPV) among pregnant low-income women through the first two years postpartum. Originally the project was funded from 2007 to 2012 through a CDC grant administered through the WVU ICRC. During that time, the intervention was developed, pilot tested, and found acceptable to NFP nurses and clients. Originally proposed as a 10-site cluster randomized controlled trial, the trial expanded to include 15 sites within the NFP program under a no-cost extension during 2013. Evaluation is ongoing. Follow-up with participants will continue through two years post-partum with new 2014 funding ($381,000) received from the Public Health Agency of Canada.


Public Health Impact of Partnership:

Intimate partner violence (IPV) affects millions of people in the U.S. and internationally. The NFP-IPV partnership aims to provide an evidence-based intervention that utilizes nurse home visits to identify and provide appropriate response to IPV among socially disadvantaged, first-time mothers. Although still under evaluation, this approach holds promise to provide not only identification of IPV through home visits, but also assessment of risk, determining methods/processes of resolving abusive relationships, and tailoring responses to an individual woman’s readiness for change.


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