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The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), has established a Technical Assistance Center on the Prevention of Prescription Drug Abuse in the Workplace (the PAW TA Center). The purpose of the PAW TA Center is to help workplaces and communities throughout the Nation reduce prescription drug abuse and related negative behavioral and physical health outcomes. The Center has a variety of technical assistance and training resources that can be adapted to meet the needs of specific audiences, workplaces, organizations, and communities. These resources include fact sheets, issue briefs, prevention tools, and web and social networking capabilities.

About PAW and the Listserv
Prescription drug abuse—a growing public health problem with increasing burdens on workers, workplaces, and our economy—affects workplace productivity and increases employee absenteeism, employee presenteeism, and workers' compensation claims. On a wider scale, overdose deaths linked to prescription opioids tripled from 1999 to 2006, and prescription drug abuse killed more Americans in 2009 than died that year in auto crashes.

The PAW is currently conducting systematic and inclusive searches of professional journals, leading newspapers and magazines, and federal websites, as well as contributions from listserv subscribers (please e-mail suggestions to rgibson@pire.org). We will periodically send links to articles along with brief descriptions of those articles to listserv subscribers. As we develop the listserv, however, we hope to add commentary and invite feedback from subscribers. Our goal is to expand the listserv to become a widely used and recognized source of the most current and authoritative information on prescription drug abuse—especially in workplaces.

For a free subscription to the weekly listserv, email your request to paw@dsgonline.com.

This Web archive is a result of a collaboration between the SAMHSA-funded Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE), and the CDC-funded West Virginia University Injury Control Research Center.  The links at left will open past issues of the listserv summary in html format, with links to pdf versions.  Additionally, there is a link to a series of SAMHSA Issue Briefs and Fact Sheets prepared by PIRE.

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The "SAMHSA Prevention of Prescription Drug Abuse in the Workplace Listserv" is a service provided by the SAMHSA Preventing Prescription Abuse in the Workplace Technical Assistance Center (PAW) to keep the field abreast of recent news and journal articles to assist in forming policy, research, and programs to reduce prescription drug misuse or abuse. Please note, the materials listed are not reflective of SAMHSA's or PAW's viewpoints or opinions and are not assessed for validity, reliability, or quality. The "SAMHSA Prevention of Prescription Drug Abuse in the Workplace Listserv" should not be considered an endorsement of the findings. Readers are cautioned not to act on the results of single studies, but rather to seek bodies of evidence. Copyright considerations prevent PAW from providing full-text journal articles.