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September 13, 2016

PAW Weekly Update

SAMHSA Prescription Drug Abuse Weekly Update
September 13, 2016 READ ARCHIVED ISSUES
The Preventing Prescription Abuse in the Workplace (PAW) Technical Assistance Center, funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), will end Sept. 14, 2016. Below are titles and links for the complete set of PAW fact sheets and webinars. All materials present the views of the authors and may not reflect SAMHSA’s views or opinions.

Fact Sheets


Workplace Programs and Policies: Information for Employers
  • Prescription Drug Misuse Awareness: Information for Employers
  • Monitoring Prescription Drug Use in the Workplace: What Can Employers Ask?
  • Modifying Drug-Free Workplace Programs to Address Nonmedical Use of Prescription Drugs
  • Structuring a Health Benefits Package that is Sensitive to Prescription Drug Misuse Issues
  • Screening for Prescription Drug Use Problems
  • Preparing for an Employee’s Return to Work After Prescription Drug Misuse
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs: A Cost-Saving Tool for Employers
  • The SmartRx Prevention Program: Your Prescription for Good Health
Workplace Programs and Policies: Information for Employees
  • 5 Reasons Not to Share Prescription Drugs at Work
  • What Can Employers Ask Employees About Prescribed Drug Use?
  • What Happens After an Employer Discovers an Employee Is Misusing Prescription Drugs?
  • The Slippery Slope of Relieving Pain: Be Wary of Opioid Drugs
For Professionals Who Want to Help
  • Funeral Directors: Help Your Clients Avoid Prescription Drug-Related Victimization
  • Realtors: Warn Your Clients About Prescription Drug Theft
  • Pharmacists: Warn Your Customers About Prescription Drug Theft
  • Prescription Drug Misuse: What Emergency Department Nurses Can Do
  • Keeping Prescription Pads Secure and Reducing Tampering
  • The Role of Insurers in Preventing Misuse and Abuse of Controlled Substances
Prevention Messages for Families
  • How to Handle Leftover Medication
  • Don’t Be Fooled. Despite Its Name, Synthetic Marijuana Is Nothing Like Marijuana
  • Opioid and Narcotic Painkillers: Know the Benefits, Understand the Dangers
  • For Some, Opioid Drugs May Worsen Pain
  • Pregnancy and Prescription Drug Misuse
  • Hazards of Veterinary Medicines
Beware of Theft and Poisoning
  • Home Up for Sale or Rent: Lock Up Your Meds
  • Secure Medications and Other Hazards Before You Pack
  • Having a Party? Lock Up Your Medications!
  • Safeguard Your Mail-Order Prescription Drugs
  • Attention Shoppers: Keep Your Prescription Drugs out of Sight
Managing Health and Wellness
  • Amateur Athletes: Don’t Get Hooked If You Get Hurt
  • From Family Picnics to Company Teams: Advice for Amateur Athletes
  • Sleepless in America
  • Managing Chronic Low Back Pain While Minimizing Use of Dangerous Prescription Opioids: An Overview
  • Managing Chronic Low Back Pain While Minimizing Use of Dangerous Prescription Opioids: Self-Management
  • Managing Chronic Low Back Pain While Minimizing Use of Dangerous Prescription Opioids: Acupuncture
  • Managing Chronic Low Back Pain While Minimizing Use of Dangerous Prescription Opioids: Other Treatments
Youth and Young Adults
  • Youth and Prescription Drug Abuse
  • Stimulant Misuse Among College Students—Meeting the Challenge
  • Prescription Drug Misuse Among College Students
Older Adults
  • Too Many Prescription Drugs Can Be Dangerous, Especially for Older Adults
  • Prescription Drug Misuse Among Older Adults: Understanding the Problem


Prescription Drug Abuse Webinar for Corporate Medical Officers and Medical Review Officers (2015)

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Prescription Misuse in the Workplace Webinar: Promising Prevention Programs for Employers (2014)

Learn About Effective Programs for Preventing Prescription Drug Misuse among Youth (2014)

Responding to Prescription Drug Misuse: Classifying the Thousand Budding Flowers (2013)
The Weekly Update is a service provided by the SAMHSA Preventing Prescription Abuse in the Workplace Technical Assistance Center (PAW) to keep the field abreast of recent news and journal articles to assist in forming policy, research, and programs to reduce prescription drug misuse or abuse. Please note, the materials listed are not reflective of SAMHSA's or PAW's viewpoint or opinion and are not assessed for validity, reliability or quality. The Weekly Update should not be considered an endorsement of the findings. Readers are cautioned not to act on the results of single studies, but rather to seek bodies of evidence. Copyright considerations prevent PAW from providing full text of journal articles listed in the Weekly Update.