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About OHSR


The West Virginia University Office of Health Services Research is a broad-based organization serving the threefold mission of a land-grant university -- service, research, and education. Our primary goal is to facilitate improvement in the health and health care of West Virginians by providing quality improvement support, applied research, planning and resource development, analytical data management, and other consultative services for health care and health related agencies throughout the state.


WVU OHSR has a thirty-six year history of involvement in health-related research activities. Our office was founded in 1975 as a branch of the Regional Medical Program to meet the need for technical assistance in primary health and health planning. For several years it was a part of the WVU Office of Rural Health, and today is a division of the WVU School of Public Health.

WVU OHSR, part of the newly founded School of Public Health, is a funded partner with the WV Bureau for Public Health to support chronic disease quality of care improvement in primary care centers statewide. OHSR s primarily funded by the WV Bureau for Public Health's Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease to support statewide primary care centers in chronic disease quality of care improvement. The specific programs at the WV Bureau for Public Health are the WV Diabetes Prevention and Control Program, the WV Cardiovascular Health Program, and the WV Asthma Education & Prevention Program. We encourage you to learn more about these chronic disease programs, and their efforts in improving the health of the state.

OHSR assists primary care centers in accurately tracking patient outcomes, benchmarking care against national standards, and modifying clinical policies and procedures for improved outcomes. This is a three-fold effort, comprised of:

  1. support in use of electronic health records and registries to monitor and target care
  2. provider and staff training/education on chronic disease prevention and management
  3. assistance in the use of clinical outcomes data for quality improvement

As of 2015, OHSR is working with over 50 primary care sites in quality assurance and improvement efforts. We tailor our efforts to meet the needs of each individual site, recognizing the uniqueness of each care site. We also partner with other states and territories on chronic disease quality improvement initiatives. Our staff includes:
Health Improvement Consultant, with expertise in:

  • clinical quality improvement
  • chronic disease management
  • Patient Centered Medical Home
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Cycles

Support Specialists, with expertise in:

  • program evaluation, research methods and study design
  • data management, analysis, and report writing
  • computer programming
  • integrating health information technology, including:
    • building electronic patient registries from existing data sources
    • establishing electronic laboratory interfaces
    • interfacing disparate data systems (such as patient registries, practice management systems, and electronic health records) for use in quality improvement and reporting
  • training users to best-utilize health information technology for quality improvement