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The Chronic Disease Electronic Management System (CDEMS) is an open-source public domain registry based on the Microsoft Access database application, designed to aid health care professionals in monitoring and improving care for patients with chronic health conditions. The program is customizable to change tracking, medication, exams or define measures for monitoring chronic conditions that can improve the implementation of services to deliver quality care for chronic conditions. CDEMS was originally developed by the Washington State Department of Health and is based largely on the Chronic Care Model created by the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation (http://maccollcenter.org/ ). This model outlines the basic elements for improving care in health systems at the community, organization, practice, and patient levels. CDEMS facilitates quality of care improvement by addressing key elements of the Care Model (Clinical Information Systems, Decision Support, Delivery System Design, and Self-Management).  It was modified by the West Virginia University Office of Health Services Research (WVU OHSR), and now through a partnership between WVU OHSR and the Pan American Health Organization, CDEMS has been customized for use in clinics in Latin America and the Caribbean and is now available for use in English, Spanish and Portuguese versions. It can be downloaded here: CDEMS-PAHO


Note: The CDEMS Full Installation and Updates downloads are stored in zip files. Before using this software, the files first need to be saved and then unzipped. The download will consist of three files. The file used to enter and edit data is the "CDEMS_app" file. The file used to run reports is the "CDEMS_rpt" file. The back-end data file is named "CDEMS_data". The CDEMS data file has a separate password protection from the App and Reporting Tool.

Do not hesitate to contact our office for support. Click on the Support tab for a list of contact information and a link to the OHSR Support Desk. You can also contact OHSR for support at abaus@hsc.wvu.edu .

If your organization is using an older version of CDEMS (pre-dating May, 2009) and wishes to upgrade to the enhanced versions of CDEMS, as released by the West Virginia Office of Health Services Research (WVU OHSR), you will need to convert your organization's CDEMS data file. This is an easy process. A link for the conversion tool and the instructions are below. You can also contact Adam Baus or Mary Swim at WVU OHSR for technical support. Prior to taking any steps towards updating your CDEMS data file, we urge that you make a copy of your data file and work with this copy rather than the original data file. We also suggest archiving the original data file, on a secure external drive, for safe keeping.

For general guidelines in electronic patient registry set-up and implementation, please see the following presentation provided by OHSR during the January 2010 National CDEMS Support Group webinar. This presentation makes use of information made available by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's "Registries for Evaluating Patient Outcomes: A User's Guide".

- CDEMS+ Conversion Tool

- Electronic Patient Registry Essentials (01/2010)

Lab Interfaces

- LabCorp-CDEMS Interface
- LabDaq-CDEMS Interface
- Quest-CDEMS Interface

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