Grant Award Management

Office of Research Process

Notifying the Office of Research that you are preparing to submit a proposal for external funding is the first and most important step in the application process.

Email the Office of Research and include the announcement number of your grant or the guidelines.

One of the team members will respond to you within 24 hours to begin working with you on your proposal.

The team member will provide you with four appointments to your calendar that identify key dates for your submission which include:

  • Due to the Office of Research.
  • Due to Val Lemasters, senior director for research and graduate education
  • Due to the Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Due to the agency – the due date to the agency for your grant

You will need to accept these dates so that they are on your calendar. In addition, the team member will provide you with a list of the required documents for your application.

At this point, the Office of Research is here to give you support with the preparation of your budget and form submission. All team members are fully capable of providing comprehensive budgets, filling out and other submission packages and KC submissions, freeing the faculty to focus on the science.