Academic Programs

MPH in Social & Behavioral Sciences

The MPH degree in Social & Behavioral Sciences address the behavioral, social and environmental factors related to individual and population health and health disparities over the life span. Research and practice in this track contributes to the development, administration, and evaluation of programs and policies in public health to promote and sustain healthy environments and lives for individuals and populations.

MS in School Health Education

The mission of the MS in School Health Education program focuses on preparing school health professionals to provide public health leadership on school campuses in their roles as teachers, guidance counselors, school nurses, and administrators. Our program emphasizes the importance of creating an environment in which students are most likely to choose healthy behaviors that support academic success and positive life outcomes. This includes providing excellent health education services, developing a safe and supportive school culture characterized by positive relationships with concerned adults and peers, advocating for school policies that support student well-being, and working collaboratively with parents, other caregivers, and the community-at-large to support student and school success

PhD in Social & Behavioral Sciences

The Social & Behavioral Sciences PhD program emphasizes both evidence-based, theory-driven primary prevention of disease and injury, and health promotion research and practice.