Tuition and Fees

Below you will find tuition and fee estimates for this academic year.  Although the numbers below are only estimates, they will help approximate the cost of attending our program.  In order to help reduce your total cost, we’ve negotiated with WVU to provide in-state tuition rates for all students in the MS in School Health program, regardless of West Virginia residency.  Based on these special in-state rates for our online students, estimates of program costs include:

Per Credit Hour Up to 9 Hours (Part-time)

University Tuition: $364 

University Fees: $69

College Tuition: $226

Total: $659

Per Semester (Full-time – over 9 Credit Hours)

University Tuition: $3,276

University Fees: $621

College Tuition: $2,034

Total: $5,931

Additional Fees

In addition to the standard tuition and fees required by the University, we require one additional required fee and two other suggested, but completely voluntary, expenses.  

  1. All students are required to purchase a LiveText membership. Your LiveText membership allows us to track your progress toward achieving the competencies required in the program and to ensure your successful progress toward program completion.  Please purchase the standard LiveText membership which costs $98.  This is a one-time expense that will cover your efforts regardless of how long you choose to take to complete the program.  You can purchase your LiveText membership here.
  2. Further, students are strongly encouraged to consider the following voluntary actions.
    • Students are strongly encouraged to join the American School Health Association (ASHA).  This professional organization is dedicated to supporting school health professionals as they promote health in the school setting.  Membership provides a wide array of benefits to school health professionals, and ASHA members have a long history of supporting successful school health practice.  Student memberships are reasonably priced and can be obtained at the ASHA website.
    • Students are also encouraged to join the American Public Health Association (APHA), particularly the section devoted to school health.  This organization is the longest-standing and largest professional organization devoted to public health practice and it has a long history of supporting school health as a core public health strategy.  Student memberships are reasonably priced and can be obtained at the APHA website.
    • Finally, each year we encourage our students to attend the American School Health Association’s national conference.  This conference represents the school health profession’s premier professional development, training, and networking event.  We encourage students to attend either as participants or as presenters.  Students interested in presenting their work at this conference can develop proposals with the assistance of our faculty.  All students are encouraged to attend, meet their fellow online classmates and professors, and benefit from participating in this professional development experience together.

A Note About Financial Aid

If you are using financial aid to pay for your classes, you may be required to take a minimum of 4 credit hours each semester.  If you are using financial aid, please familiarize yourself with the requirements of your specific award and make certain to take the required number of credit hours each semester.  Failure to do so can prevent you from being able to obtain future financial aid.

Need More Information?

Please contact Dr. Michael J. Mann at or 304-293-3560/304-777-7057.