The R. Dean and Charlene Hartley Community Engagement Program

The R. Dean and Charlene Hartley Community Engagement Program is funded through the generosity of R. Dean and Charlene Hartley, who believe in Public Health and in students having the opportunity to experience community engagement activities as practical experiences while pursuing their educational goals.

This funding will provide $7500/semester to groups of students who submit proposals for outreach projects. Each project, capped at $2500 maximum award, must be completed with in six months from the date of award.

After the first application cycle, all awards notified in March/April must be completed by October 1st and awards notified in October must be completed by May 1st. 

Criteria for Application

  • Student group must consist of least three students minimum
  • Project must demonstrate how it meets a public health need
  • Project need must have the support and involvement of a community or community group
  • Project must involve community engagement
  • Project application must contain a budget (see template)
  • Project must have a School of Public Health faculty advisor
  • Project must be completed in WV
  • Project must be completed within six months from time of funding notice
  • Project must be considered sustainable by community after completion of basic six month project


  • Each award will be a maximum of up to $2500 per project.
  • Three or more projects could be awarded based on proposed project submissions from applications received.

Application Process

Each group must submit a completed R. Dean and Charlene Hartley Community Engagement Program Application and the following information to the Office of Student Services email address: 

Subject line should state:  R. Dean and Charlene Hartley Community Engagement Program

  • A complete Business Plan of the project including a full budget breakdown of the costs and estimated expenses (a basic budget template will be provided upon request)
  • A complete listing of the students involved and each individual’s responsibilities on the project
  • Three letters of support -  one each from the following:
    • SPH Faculty advisor
    • Department chair explaining how this project helps to meet a public health need in WV and helps the School meet its mission to the state and people of WV with community engagement
    • A letter of support from a leader of the community involved or a group leader of that community explaining how this project will be a benefit to the community.