Student Employment Opportunities & Procedures

General Information

Beginning with the fall 2014 semester, the School of Public Health (SPH) will provide a limited number of graduate assistantships (GA’s) to qualified PhD students.  Questions regarding funding of PhD students should be directed to the PhD Program Director or the individual PhD department coordinators.  Master’s students are not eligible for GA positions within the SPH, and master’s students may not seek GA positions outside of the SPH.  Master’s students will have the opportunity to receive scholarships and meritorious waivers of University tuition.  Additionally, students at all levels may be hired by faculty for research assignments as student workers, or as student workers in a variety of other settings within and outside of the SPH.      

To be eligible for student employment, tuition waivers, and/or scholarships, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. For incoming students, undergraduate GPA will determine eligibility and be used in the review process. The individual is primarily a student and secondarily an employee. Any employment obligation shall not exceed, on average, 20 hours per week in any semester.

Note:  Faculty should submit student worker applications 3 weeks prior to expected start date to allow proper time for processing by the business office and human resources.  


Student Worker Opportunities and Procedures

Students may be hired as hourly student workers.  Student employment as hourly workers may occur at any time of the year. These positions do not come with a tuition waiver. However, in some circumstances the employer may be able to provide full or partial tuition payment or reimbursement on behalf of the student. Students should inquire with prospective employers about this possibility.  Student workers can also seek additional tuition waivers and/or scholarships (described below).

For student worker positions within the SPH, the student and the faculty member or administrator who wishes to hire the student should come to a mutual agreement on the responsibilities of the position, the average number of hours per week, the time frame of the employment, the performance and work site expectations, and the rate of remuneration. This information should be placed in writing in the student worker application form, and signed by both parties. In addition, the faculty member/administrator should indicate the specific funding source to be used for this position.

Students applying for hourly worker positions outside of the SPH should follow the procedures established by the prospective employing unit. However, prior to accepting a student worker position outside of the SPH, students must also notify and obtain approval from their Department Chair and the Office of Student Services.

Note:  Faculty should submit student worker applications 3 weeks prior to expected start date to allow proper time for processing by the business office and human resources.  

Tuition Waivers

A limited number of full or partial waivers of University tuition may be granted to selected students within the SPH (merit waivers), by the Office of International Students and Scholars (special program merit waivers), or by the Office of Graduate Education and Life (special program merit waivers or employee waivers).  Merit waivers are offered by each SPH department, using the following procedures:

Waiver granting units other than the SPH must receive written permission from the SPH Dean/designee prior to considering a student for a waiver.  Any tuition waiver processed by the University without the Dean's/designee's signature will be considered invalid.  The Dean’s office also provides a limited number of SPH merit waivers to be awarded as needed.  Students should contact the Office of Student Services to inquire about merit waivers through the Dean’s office.


There are scholarships available within the SPH.  Master’s students interested in applying for these competitive awards may find information about them on the Dean’s Scholarship Information page (for new students) and the Avashia Scholarships page (for current students).  Additional scholarships across the SPH or specific to departments may become available in the future.