Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Sciences (PhD)

PhD in Epidemiology

The PhD in Public Health Sciences program in Epidemiology prepares students for careers in research, teaching, and consulting. Students develop research and teaching skills in epidemiology through coursework and practice opportunities. The curriculum provides rigorous and comprehensive training in epidemiologic methods for clinical and population-based research including study design, statistical analysis and interpretation of results, as well as research areas of focus for epidemiologic research including chronic diseases, infectious diseases, injury, and gene by environment interactions. The program’s etiologic orientation is based on the premise that knowledge of genetic, physiologic, behavioral, and environmental, factors contribute to understanding the underlying causes of complex human diseases needed to develop and evaluate effective preventive and treatment measures.

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PhD in Occupational & Environmental Health Sciences

The PhD in Public Health Sciences program in Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences is a degree for scientist-practitioners in the area of prevention of premature mortality, morbidity, and disability resulting from occupational and environmental exposures, communicable and chronic disease, and injury. This degree emphasizes both evidence-based primary prevention of disease and injury and health promotion research and practice. Students completing this degree will have the necessary theoretical knowledge and critical understanding of occupational and environmental health problems, including analytical and methodological research skills, to investigate, evaluate, and find solutions to public health challenges.

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PhD in Social & Behavioral Sciences

Our mission is to provide state of the art doctoral education in the theory and application of social and behavioral science to a select group of highly qualified and committed students who desire to transform public health. Our program trains students using a research intensive curriculum led by a distinguished faculty at the cutting edge of public health science. The PhD in Public Health Sciences program in Social & Behavioral Sciences emphasizes both evidence-based, theory-driven primary prevention of disease and injury, and health promotion research and practice. Graduates will complete their degrees with a competitive record of research achievement and competent to embark on high-impact research careers.

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