Practice-Based Experience Checklist

Planning (1-2 semesters before placement would begin)

  • Explore potential practice based experience sites
  • Career goals - review your career goals and identify your learning objectives and identify 3 - 5 competencies for your field placement
  • Contact WVU Career Services to develop a polished, one page resume
  • Apply to potential site(s)
  • Complete Human Subjects Research training (required) - online training at
    • Complete "Social and Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research Course"
    • Submit completion sheet to
  • Meet with Practice-based Learning Director to discuss approval for site and preceptor
  • Interview with sites/preceptors to discuss content, activities, and outcome(s) for your field placement
  • Complete the Workplan Agreement with your Site Preceptor
  • Provide Workplan Agreement to Practice-based Learning Director; revise as necessary
  • Submit original, final, signed Workplan Agreement to Practice-based Learning Director

Implementing/Beginning (semester you are in the field)

  • Register for the practice-based experience course (PUBH 622) for ___ credit hours
    NOTE: The work plan agreement MUST be in place before you can register for this course
  • Determine your work hours and scheduling requirements (with site preceptor)
  • Complete required trainings, orientation, immunizations/screenings
  • Submit monthly reports and evidence of your work to the course SOLE site.
  • Provide Site Preceptor with Monthly Evaluation Form(s)

Evaluating (end of practice-based experience)

  • Complete the final evaluation form(s) (electronic link) to evaluate the site, preceptor, and process
  • Submit all final work to SOLE course site

Final grade will not be submitted until all requirements for the field placement are met.


Students may not begin a practice-based experience without PRIOR APPROVAL by the MPH PBL Director.