Affiliation Agreement with Sites

An affiliation agreement is a legal contract that defines the obligations of the site agency or organization, its preceptor(s) and staff; and the WVU School of Public Health, its faculty and students with reference to student rotations at the site. Agreements are reviewed and approved by senior administration in the School, the WVU Health Sciences Department of Legal Affairs, and the Vice President and Executive Dean of WVU Health Sciences. Following approval of the site and preceptor(s) as described, the PBL Director initiates the Affiliation Agreement for the site to review and make changes if necessary. Only an agent with signatory power should sign the Agreement on behalf of the agency/organization. Signed copies of agreements, which are usually in effect for a period of five years, are retained by the PBL Director; renewal requests are issued at the end of the original time period.

The Affiliation Agreement must be signed by all parties, prior to the student beginning field hours. Faculty advisors and program coordinators are responsible for working with the PBL Director to ensure that affiliation agreements are in place for active sites.