Preceptor Qualifications

In order to qualify as a preceptor, the following educational/professional criteria must be met:

  • MPH degree, or other public-health relevant graduate degree; or
  • Baccalaureate degree with at least 3 years of public/community health experience, or experience in one of the 5 core public health disciplines.

For individuals meeting the above criteria, potential preceptors are reviewed by the Director of Practice-based Learning and the faculty of the respective disciplines for the following factors:

  • Level of responsibility within the organization
  • Previous experience as a practice preceptor for MPH students
  • Willingness to provide the student with mentoring, resources, technical assistance and support
  • Ability to provide the student with opportunities to apply academic skills in a practice environment
  • Commitment to integrate the student as an active participant in the organization

All resumes and vitae of approved preceptors are kept and updated as needed in an electronic resource file.