Preceptor Support

Opportunities for Orientation and Support for Preceptors

The Director of Practice-based Learning reviews the SPH Preceptor webpages with the preceptor during the site visit. This provides the preceptor with information on the practice-based experience requirements and processes, links to MPH competencies, and problem resolution guidance. The PBL Director also will supply preceptors with a current version of the course syllabus upon request and will email all preceptors of substantive changes to the placement requirements.

Additional support for preceptors includes:

  • Opportunities to participate in SPH-sponsored events, such as educational programs and continuing education.
  • Opportunities to discuss the student’s progress towards fulfillment of the work plan.

Preceptors are encouraged to send questions and suggestions to the PBL Director, which will become part of a “Preceptor FAQs” under development.