Preceptor Responsibilities

  1. After interviewing and accepting student, discuss specific activities and any deliverables expected during the student’s placement. The student should develop the Workplan Agreement for your review, which may require edits before you can approve it.   Based on their professional goals and conversations with you, they should select  3-5 School of Public Health core and discipline-specific competencies relevant to the scope of work. The original, signed Workplan Agreement must be provided to the PBL Director before the student begins contact hours.

  2. Arrange for student orientation to the site, policies and procedures, requirements for notification of absence, and any trainings required.

  3. Provide oversight/mentoring to the student.

  4. Provide student with support (technical, professional and material), where appropriate.  

  5. Identify and facilitate opportunities for the student to interact with other professionals in public/community health affairs such as meetings, trainings and seminars.

  6. Review the student’s monthly reports and complete the corresponding evaluation forms, submitting them to the Director of Practice-based Learning. (It is highly recommended, but not required, that the evaluation form be reviewed with the student.)

  7. Complete and submit a final evaluation on the student’s competence and the practice-based experience.

    Note: This final evaluation form will be sent to you via an electronic link near the end of the student’s placement and is completed electronically. The forms are specific to the student’s departmental discipline.

  8. Communicate problems and/or challenges with the student, assigned activities, and expected outcomes to the Director of Practice-based Learning proactively to maximize prompt resolution.

Student Responsibilities

As a graduate student in a professional degree program, you are expected to take responsibility for meeting deadlines, communicating with the PBL Director and your preceptor regularly, and completing the course requirements of PUBH 622 during your field placement. Specific rules of conduct are also in the course syllabus and Student Practice-based Experience Handbook. General requirements are:

  1. Adhere to all meeting and application deadlines for the practice-based experience.

  2. Respond to emails within 48 hours if possible; all communication should be considered formal.

  3. Develop a Workplan Agreement and ask your preceptor to review it for accuracy.

  4. Select core and discipline-specific competencies that can frame your scope of work.

  5. Deliver the signed Workplan Agreement to the PBL Director BEFORE starting any placement hours.

  6. Complete an orientation at the agency/organization. Obtain required immunizations, trainings, etc. prior to start date.

  7. Comply with all policies and procedures at the site, including dress code and absence reporting.

  8. Perform duties in a professional, ethical and non-discriminatory manner (also following policies of the agency). You are not only representing yourself and your department, but the School of Public Health and West Virginia University.

  9. Complete an evaluation of the site/preceptor and the practice-based experience process upon completion of the total hours. (Will be sent via an electronic link)

Director of Practice-based Learning Responsibilities

  1. Initiate and maintain approved site Affiliation Agreements and preceptor CVs/resumes.

  2. Assist students and faculty advisors in aligning placement and selected competencies with the student’s professional goals.

  3. Review Workplan Agreement to ensure that hours are appropriate, scope of work is commensurate with graduate level, deliverables  are measurable, and can be accomplished in the time frame.

  4. Monitor progress of the practice-based experience; provide support to student if problems

  5. Act as liaison between site and School, maintain contact with student and site preceptor; meet as requested and include faculty advisor if needed.

  6. Acknowledges completion of the field hours with a grade (P/F) – based on student attendance, field reports, final products/deliverables and Site Preceptor evaluations.

Faculty Supervision of Students

Students are encouraged to interact with their faculty advisors regarding their practice-based experience as they navigate between the Director of Practice-based Learning and the potential sites.  The degree to which this occurs varies by students and faculty advisors. The PBL Director is the faculty liaison for communication to and from the preceptors/placement sites.