Selection of Sites

The following criteria must be met in order to participate as a site for MPH student practice-based field placements:

Sites are able to provide opportunities in which students can develop and enhance professional public and/or community health, aligned with discipline-specific competencies.  
Sites have at least one employee who can serve as a preceptor (meeting the school’s minimal requirements) who will provide oversight and mentoring for the student.

The process for approval includes:

  • Qualified preceptor(s)
  • Site visit by Director of Practice-based Learning (For US sites located more than 250 miles from the SPH, or international sites, the site visit may be conducted via Skype or telephone.) Suitable sites are those that:
    • Offer public or community health related experiences that include both discipline-specific and broader public/community health activities.  
    • Are safe for students, and
    • Provide the support, resources, supervision, and workspace needed for student
  • Affiliation agreement or placement agreement between the organization and the SPH.

Approved sites complete a Site Listing Template, which allows their information to be placed in the database for students to review. The School cannot always guarantee that a student will choose a particular site in any given semester, however.  Sites may elect not to host students temporarily during a particular timeframe, and should notify the PBL Director via email when this is the case.