Student Placements and Schedule

Students must apply to sites within their application window and should interview with the potential preceptor and other members of the agency/organization if appropriate. This will occur early in the semester for placement during the following semester:

Summer: May/June

Recruiting Time Period (Applications): January 2 - February 28
Interviews: February - Mid April
Decision Date (Preferred): April 15

Fall: Late August/September

Recruiting Time Period (Applications): May 15 - June 30
Interviews: May/June - Mid July
Decision Date (Preferred): July 15

Spring: January

Recruiting Time Period (Applications): September 15 - October 30
Interviews: September - Mid November
Decision Date (Preferred): November 15

If your site is unable to offer placement to a student during certain time frames, you may either indicate it on the Site Listing Template or contact the PBL Director as far in advance as possible. Sites may also determine that student applicant(s) are not a good fit, and may decline students in that event.

Student Schedule

The student and the preceptor define the student's weekly schedule when developing the Workplan Agreement. Hours per week should allow the student to complete 180 hours minimum within the semester. During orientation, preceptors should review with the student the agency/organization's policies for reporting absences and for timekeeping. Students are provided a weekly log in the course materials if they wish to use it. Preceptors should review student's activities and attendance at regular intervals.