Program Overview

Program Overview

The B.S. in Public Health degree, one of the fastest growing programs in undergraduate education, covers the five core public health disciplines: biostatistics, environmental health sciences, epidemiology, health policy and administration, and social and behavioral sciences. It prepares its graduate for admission into certain graduate and professional programs and/or entry-level public health positions in a wide array of agencies involved in public and private health, including local, regional and state health departments, consulting and advocacy organizations, health care organizations and government agencies.

This 120-credit hour program includes:

  • West Virginia University’s General Education Foundation requirements
    • These courses are self-selected with the exception of MATH 121 or higher (a prerequisite for PUBH 211, Biostatistics for Population Health) and BIOL 101 and 103 or higher (a prerequisite for PUBH 241, Biological Basis of Public Health)
  • Courses in the major (28 credit hours)
  • One Area of Emphasis (15 credit hours)
    • Community and Population Health or Public Health Sciences
  • A minor (self-selected)
  • Electives

Areas of Emphasis

Students must select one from two Areas of Emphasis to complete major requirements.

The Community and Population Health Area of Emphasis prepares students for entry into social science-based and public health graduate programs.

The Public Health Sciences Area of Emphasis prepares students for entry into graduate programs in public health sciences or clinical professional degree programs.

School of Public Health Undergraduate Academic Standards

The School of Public Health undergraduate student GPA and grade policy has two conditions:

1) Students are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher while in the undergraduate public health program and to graduate. 

2) Students are required to earn at least a C or higher in all major and Area of Emphasis courses.

For more information on this policy, please see GPA and Grade Policy.