Strategic Plan

Planning for the Future

In 2017, we celebrated our fifth anniversary as a School of Public Health. During this short time frame, we have achieved many of our initial goals, established several new programs and collaborations, and undertaken substantial revisions of our academic curricula. We’ve also welcomed a large cadre of new faculty members, administrators and staff to our school. We have experienced the emergence of new public health threats, changes in the sociopolitical climate in our nation, and significant changes to the framework for public health education and accreditation in our field. This convergence of circumstances provided us with both the need and opportunity to embark upon a new strategic planning process. 

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Specifically, the updated strategic plan:

  • Focuses our energy and resources on well-defined goals and priorities that will drive us toward achieving a common vision,
  • Makes a case to our constituents for the value of the School and its activities, and
  • Highlights those mechanisms needed to ensure our sustainability.

This strategic planning process allowed us to engage with faculty and staff as well as internal and external partners and stakeholders who play a pivotal role in our school's continued development and long-term success. The plan’s success depends on input from all members of the School of Public Health community.

“The plan’s success will depend on input from all members of the School of Public Health community.” Jeffrey Coben, Dean

With the support of an external facilitator, our Strategic Planning Steering Committee conducted an initial review and assessment of our existing strategic plan and generated a draft set of priorities and cross-cutting goals.

Your voice is critical in this ongoing process.

We remain committed to continually seeking feedback. We want to know which themes are most important to you, which areas you believe are missing but should be considered and what specific actions you think our School should take with respect to these themes.

We look forward to continuing to working collectively with our faculty, staff, students, alumni and other key stakeholders as we implement and maintain a strategic plan that shapes the future of the School of Public Health.