WVU in the News: COVID-19 surge continues to rage in WV with "tragic" consequences

Hospitalizations are tracking toward a pandemic peak, with 816 people hospitalized Friday compared to a previous high of 818 on Jan. 5. As of this writing, 250 patients were in intensive care and 151 were on a ventilator, shattering previous highs in both categories from the first week of January.

The current surge, fueled by the more contagious delta variant, is the worst seen since the pandemic began.

Dr. Clay Marsh, the state coronavirus czar, said a peak for the current surge could be as far as two weeks away, leaving thousands of people in the meantime to get sick. He and other public health experts have estimated timelines for the surge based on data from other places further along in it than West Virginia.

Dr. Christopher Martin, a professor at West Virginia University’s School of Public Health and at WVU’s School of Medicine, said he’s not so sure it’s possible to predict when the virus will peak here and numerous variables could lead to it lasting longer.

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