WVU research study seeking healthy adult participants

West Virginia University researchers are seeking healthy adult volunteers to participate in a research study that aims to determine if small wearable sensors can accurately measure activities commonly done as part of one’s occupation.

The study involves one visit lasting approximately two hours during which participants will be asked to perform simulated occupational activities (i.e., sitting, standing, carrying, painting, sweeping, etc.) for approximately 50 minutes. All participants who complete the study will receive up to $50 as compensation.

For more information, including to see if you qualify, contact the study investigator, Dr. Tyler Quinn or complete the online screening form. Informational flyer is available here.

This study was approved by the West Virginia University Institutional Review Board (approval on file). The devices used in the study are either non-medical in nature or have been previously approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the intended use in this study.