Alumni Leadership Council


The Alumni Leadership Council’s mission is to encourage fellowship, stimulate interest and foster relationships among and between alumni, the School and public health agencies and professionals in West Virginia, as well as to serve as an informal advisory board to the School. 

Goals include identifying professional needs of alumni and the current public health workforce to help better educate and guide students in the School's programs; building strong external and internal social networks for students, alumni and faculty; and raising the visibility of the School's academic programs, research and community impact.

Member Responsibilities

Council members are strongly encouraged to:

  • Attend (in person preferably) the two meetings held in the spring and fall
  • Actively promote the School and attend any regional events that they are able
  • Review in advance meeting materials and come prepared to actively participate in discussions
  • Financially support the School at a level that is commensurate with ability and other obligations
  • Attend and participate in any planned Council activities and events when at all possible
  • Be familiar with Council mission and goals, along with the programs offered by the School 

Current Council Members

  • Penelope Allison
  • Kenna Balducci
  • Julia Blackwood
  • John Blosnich
  • Amber Brown
  • Karla Davison
  • Brent Doney
  • Heather Downey
  • Angy El-Khatib
  • Becca Fint-Clark
  • Lauren Gerchufsky
  • Keaton Hughes
  • Angela Javurek
  • Emily Jenkins
  • Michael Jude
  • Laura Kurth
  • Natasha McKenzie
  • Elly Myers
  • Courtney Newkirk
  • Megan O'Dell
  • Megan Ross
  • Sheena Sayres
  • Gina Sharps
  • Kara Viggiano    

Join Us

Reach out if you are interested in learning more or joining the council.