How we fulfill our mission


Our partnerships are the foundation of our work in the Office of Health Services Research. Through these partnerships - across the state but also throughout the Appalachian region, and the country - we aim to support the work of groups who are serving the underserved. We assist with quality improvement practices related to data storage, management, and analysis, as well as support in a variety of other ways.


We mainly assist partners with their ideas for quality improvement practices related to data storage, management, and analysis as well as program implementation. Some ways that we do this are through visualizing data through mapping, EHR system improvements, support with surveys and evaluations, strengths and needs assessments, program promotion, and helping connect partners when there are opportunities for collaboration.


WV Health Connection exists to create a streamlined network made up of community members, providers, and local organizations so that people can access the resources that they need. To do this, WV Health Connection links healthcare providers to local chronic disease prevention services and connects community members to health-promotion programs. WV Health Connection is a collaborative effort led by the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health, Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease, and is the product of statewide partnerships that share the goal of supporting the health of West Virginians.