Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be known as the West Virginia University Student Association of Public Health (SAPH).

Article II. Mission Statement

SAPH shall serve as a liaison between all students in the West Virginia University School of Public Health Educational Programs and the program faculty and staff. SAPH will represent student interests, facilitate exploration and education in their field of study, introduce students to job opportunities in the community, and maintain contact with program alumni. SAPH will also serve the community through various health-promotion programs and activities with emphasis on relationship building, best practices and sustainability.

Article III. Membership

Section 1. The voting membership of this organization shall be limited to full- or part-time students enrolled in a degree program within the School of Public Health, who have paid membership dues (amount at the discretion of Leadership Council). Membership is open to all public health full- and part-time students regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, race, color, national origin, veteran status, disability, or religion.

Section 2. Non-degree students interested in pursuing a degree in the School of Public Health (SPH) are welcome to participate as non-voting members and are eligible to request assistance for conferences with the understanding that priority is given to admitted students in public health.

Section 3. All students will be asked to submit their contact information to the Secretary, who will then create an organizational roster to be utilized for SAPH communication, record of attendance, and voting purposes.

Article IV. Eligibility

Section 1. SAPH shall seek to maintain membership representative of the student population and welcomes all public health students interested in public health issues and health promotion.

Section 2. To be eligible for any office in SAPH, a member shall be:

  1. Elected into the position by the general membership body during the second to last month of the semester
  2. A graduate student with at least 1 semester of credits completed, in good academic standing with WVU, and the School of Public Health
  3. An undergraduate student with at least 1 academic year of credits completed, in good academic standing with WVU, and the School of Public Health

Article V. Leadership Council

Section 1. The council shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian , and any SAPH Committee Chairs.. A council of no fewer than three members shall lead SAPH. The council shall select representatives for the School of Public Health faculty committees which have the most direct impact on student life. Committee representatives must be full- or part-time students in the School of Public Health program in good academic standing.

Section 2. The School of Public Health faculty advisor and staff advisor shall serve as non-voting, ex-officio members of the Leadership Council, who should be consulted for advisory purposes only.

 Section 3. The Leadership Council will address the following as needed:

  1. Constitution - will retain the current constitution as well as copies of previous versions of the SAPH constitution.
  2. Finance - will oversee all SAPH finances and the manner in which funds are spent. Will be responsible for the organizational budget and for any fundraising that SAPH may undertake.
  3. Officer Transitioning – will ensure that the officer transitioning process includes at least 1 in-person meeting with incoming and outgoing officers and transferring of position related files.
  4. Professional Development - will oversee activities designed to increase employment prospects (i.e., scholarship/grant announcements, and job openings), as well as developing skills to thrive in the job market.
  5. Student Activities - will plan various activities focusing directly on students.
  6. Other relevant needs when considered appropriate

Article VI. Officers

Section 1.  The offices of this organization shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and Committee Chairpersons (when appointed).

Section 2.  The duties and responsibilities of each role:

The duties of the President shall be:

  1. Lead all leadership and general meetings
    • Work with Vice President to determine when meetings are and with faculty advisor and staff advisor for event approvals
    • Prepare agendas for general body and Leadership Council meetings
  2. Serve as the official representative for SAPH
  3. Budget oversight and reporting
  4. Organize a team building activity at the beginning of the semester
  5. Liaison between student group and faculty
  6. Enforce the constitution of SAPH
  7. Continue to seek ways of expanding scope and effectiveness of SAPH
  8. Find ways to collaborate and partner with other organizations within the university

The duties of the Vice President shall be:

  1.  Assume all duties of the President in their absence
  2. Organize a team building activity at the beginning of the semester
  3. Work with the SAPH members to create events
  4. Oversees the various committees within SAPH

The duties of the Secretary shall be:

  1. Record meeting minutes and attendance of members
  2. Coordinate general body meeting times – this includes but is not limited to room reservation, assisting with meeting agenda, coordinating refreshments for meetings (if applicable)
  3. Send out flyers, e-mails and other information to promote events
  4. Assist with organization scrapbooking over the term of office

The duties of the Treasurer shall be:

  1. Work with President and Advisor(s) to create a budget for each semester
  2. Responsible for attending (or sending a delegate to) any meetings regarding funding for student organizations
  3. Organize at least one SAPH fundraiser per semester
  4. Must give a report on organization’s financial accounts
  5. Receive all monies into the organization (this includes, but is not limited to donations, dues and fundraised monies)

The duties of the Historian shall be:

  1. Record SAPH events via photographs, videos, etc.
  2. Assist with organization scrapbooking over the term of office
  3. Assist with creating and distributing advertisements for SAPH events
  4. Maintain SAPH social media accounts

Section 3.  Students on academic or disciplinary probation are ineligible to hold office. Council members shall serve a term of one full year beginning on May 1. Council members may be reelected for a successive term or for a separate term of office. Past council members may remain SAPH members.

Section 4. Voting/Council Election

  1. Any SAPH member may vote.
  2. Any SAPH member may volunteer for council office and is eligible for a leadership position.
  3. All SAPH voting shall be conducted by electronic means and follow the application process
  4. Selection of council members shall be held at the end of April. Term of office shall last one year, from May 1 through April 30.
  5. If a council member resigns or is removed from office, the President will appoint a SAPH member to fill the vacant position pending the prospective officer is interested in the position and meets the requirements stated in Article IV, Section 2. This replacement must occur if such vacancy reduces total council membership to fewer than three members.

Section 5. Removal of a Council Member

  1. Council members may be removed for the following infractions:
    • Misappropriation of funds
    • Academic dishonesty
    • Violation of the School of Public Health Honor Code or the West Virginia University Code of Students Rights and Responsibilities.
  2. Council members may be removed through the following process:
    • A petition signed by one-fourth of the total membership shall initiate removal proceedings.
    • A vote of two-thirds of the total membership in favor of removal shall remove the member from council office.

Article VII. Special WVU Requirements

SAPH shall maintain compliance with the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of West Virginia, the WVU Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, and the academic and professional standards of the field of public health at all times.

Article VIII. Meetings

Section 1. The purpose of the general body meetings will be to inform the SAPH about upcoming events, workshops, and community civic engagement opportunities. These meetings shall be held at least once per month during the academic year or as deemed necessary. The times and places of the each meeting will be decided on by the availability of the SAPH members.

Section 2. The purpose of the Leadership Council meetings will be to plan and format ideas to discuss at the meetings. These meetings shall be held at least once per month during the academic year or as deemed necessary. The times and places of each meeting will be decided on by the President.

Section 4. Special meetings may be called by the President, faculty advisor, or staff advisor.

Section 5. Standing committees shall meet as necessary. The times and places of the each meeting will be decided on by the respective committee chairperson.

Section 6. Quorum shall be constituted by two thirds of the SAPH members being present at the scheduled meeting.

Article IX. Committees

Committees shall be determined by the President and approved the Leadership Council. These committee chairpersons will serve as members of the Leadership Council and hold committee meetings when chairpersons deem necessary.

Article X. Powers

Section 1. SAPH shall have the power to propose, plan, and coordinate any programs that facilitate the realization of its purposes as enumerated above.

Section 2. SAPH shall advise on the expenditure of budget funds and shall appoint committees and committee chairpersons to assume designated responsibilities.

Section 3. SAPH shall maintain a budget statement available to all students in the School of Public Health at least once per year.

Section 4. Liaison Powers:

  1. Any matter concerning students in the School of Public Health may be brought before SAPH for discussion and recommendation.
  2. For School of Public Health matters not covered by the specific powers above, SAPH leadership council shall consider itself advisory to the School of Public Health.

Article IX. Procedure for Constitutional Amendment

Section 1. The constitution must be reviewed yearly. Copies of the current and all previous constitutions must be kept for at least seven years.

Section 2. Any SAPH member may propose, in writing, an amendment to this constitution. Notice of intent to amend and the proposed amendment should be presented to the Leadership Council.

Section 3. The proposed amendment shall be presented electronically to the council, who will make it available to all SAPH members.

Section 4. The council will open the proposal for discussion at the following general membership meeting, and shall call for a vote at the conclusion of the discussion. A majority vote in favor shall pass the proposal.

Section 5. After passage, the changes will be made to the constitution and distributed among the membership.

Section 6. All amendments to the constitution are subject to the approval of the Dean of Students and/or Office of Student Organizations