Graduate Incomplete Grading Policy

PhD in Public Health Sciences
Policy: 1.20.06
Title: Incomplete Grading Policy
Effective: 12/01/08 Revised 7/1/2012; 5/1/2013
Faculty Vote: None needed.
Responsible Faculty/Staff: School of Public Health Faculty and Staff

Policy Statement: The grade of I (Incomplete) is to be given only when the instructor believes that the course work is unavoidably incomplete.

Policy Requirements:

  • Students must complete unfinished work, by the end of the next semester enrolled (Fall, Spring, Summer) for any course in which they have received an incomplete.
  • The student is responsible for contacting the instructor of record to develop a written plan to complete the work.
  • If an incomplete grade is not removed within one semester, the registrar will replace the incomplete with a grade of IF. After one additional semester the IF will then be replaced with a grade of F, if the student fails to address the incomplete.

Reason for Policy: To ensure compliance of the West Virginia University grading policy

Related Policy Information: West Virginia University graduate handbook: See "grades."

Faculty/Staff Responsibilities: School of Public Health faculty will be responsible for identifying the requirements for the removal of an Incomplete. School of Public Health staff will help facilitate the grade change by ensuring that the WVU Grade Modification Form is complete and that the instructor signature is obtained.


  • The student receiving an incomplete must contact the instructor of record who issued the incomplete, in order to develop a written plan for its removal.
  • The instructor must identify the requirements for removing the “I” and the final plan is to be submitted for the student’s file.
  • After the requirements have been met, the instructor will initiate and sign the WVU Grade
    Modification Form.
  • This form will be returned to the School of Public Health staff, who will forward it to the
    appropriate persons for signatures, and return the form to the Office of Graduate Education for the official record.

Forms or Special Instructions: WVU Grade Modification Form to be obtained by the instructor or School of Public Health staff.